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With the success of AI in so many fields, it’s not a surprise that Obviously.ai has found a niche for itself. Supplying over 3,000 users with predictive data without the use of code, here is a brief look into Obviously.ai, Its operation, and its successes.

Introducing Obviously.AI


Obviously.AI was founded in 2019 by the pair; Nirman Dave and Tapojit Debnath. The AI tool helps businesses generate useful insights by taking data regarding their processes. Obviously AI works using a seamless no-code system that works with ease and in quick time.

This innovation comes at a time when so many no-code innovations are settling well in day-to-day activities. Tools like Robust AI’s Grace software are making their marks and Obviously AI is on the same wavelength.

What is it used for?

Obviously AI is fully into software and it processes whatever data is inputted about the businesses to create a predictive model that improves productivity. The deployed model has so many use cases for your business, some of which are;

  • Prediction of ROI over a period
  • Predicting increase or decrease of customers
  • Detecting fraudulent transactions and operations 
  • Predicting the outcome of different marketing strategies
  • Creating effective price ranges for your products

How Does It Operate?

This predictive tool summarises so many things that businesses used to need about 5 technologies to solve. Obviously AI is an automated machine learning algorithm that takes data and provides models that can predict outcomes, give insights, and provide solutions to upcoming or identified issues. It mimics the job of a data scientist by using a combination of technology products and services to produce results.

All it takes is just a few clicks. You input the data you have from your past sales, productions, and interactions, or integrate it with the sources of these data. It’s sort of a marketing tool, with just the data and the clicks you receive information in the form of simulations and predictions. This information can be passed down to the rest of your team to assist in decision-making.

What Are the Benefits of the Tool

1. No-code: Not needing to learn coding or any technicalities is a big plus for this predictive tool.

2. Simple system: All that is required is the data and a few clicks.

3. Multipurpose model: The result is a deployed model that can be integrated into the company’s processes.

4. Automate workflow: The software can be integrated into automation tools like Zapier to provide a continuous system.

5. Standby Data Scientists: Obviously.ai provides a dedicated data scientist who technically joins your team for better optimization and immediate problem-solving.

How Much Does it Cost?

Obviously AI offers many features for free. However, if you want the best offers you will have to subscribe. Paid plans begin at $300 (with perks such as 12,000 predictions) and range to as high as $1,999 where you have a full data science team at your beck and call. In addition to all this, the paid plans come with a free 14-day trial. 

How Are They Doing?

Obviously AI is doing pretty well for itself. To quantify that, one can look into the economic side of the company. The predictive AI company has about $5 million in funding and boasts several investors including TMV, Arka Venture Labs, and recently, O’Shaughnessy Ventures

Having experts as founders does well for the structure. The pairing of Nirman Dave and Tapojit Debnath Tapu, included in Forbes’ 30 under 30 list are testament to their product.

The Future of Obviously.AI

Future of Obviously.ai

Obviously AI is not here to take the jobs of data scientists. One could argue that they are promoting the field even more. The software shows the importance of the results you can gain. Obviously.ai is pulling in more investments and it will be looking to scale its operations and build company processes to not just predict, but guide step by step. To put this to the test and see how useful the tool is you can try the free versions and receive insights you probably never knew about your company.

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