Oral Hygiene With Suri: Availability And Alternatives To The Sustainable Toothbrush


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Suri electric sonic toothbrush

Since 1954, the world of oral hygiene has met with technology to deliver what we know as an electric toothbrush. Suri is a product of this collaboration, however, this electric toothbrush brings in another world of its own – Sustainability.

Suri electric sonic toothbrush

Suri is an eco-friendly and sustainable electric sonic toothbrush. The sleek handle is made from aluminium, the replaceable brush heads are made from plant-based corn starch and castor oil, and the toothbrush is carbon neutral, all to attain the level where it can be easily reused, repaired, or recycled as the case may be. This toothbrush adequately carries out its primary duties, as the effectiveness of electric toothbrushes is strongly backed by the American Dental Association.

How Do Suri Toothbrushes Stand Out?

Suri have propelled themselves into the electric toothbrush conversation not only by being sustainable. The whole product is well thought out and delivers in several useful areas.

  1. Design

Though aesthetics is not a criterion for good oral hygiene, the design of Suri perfectly blends design with functionality. 

Although made from aluminium and wrapped around an inner steel core, the toothbrush is lightweight, only weighing about 84g. The body isn’t too busy, having only one functional button, a smooth handle, and a tongue scraper finely designed at the back of the detachable brush heads.

Speaking of aesthetics, the toothbrush comes in 4 colours; Sea Mist, Winter Fern, Midnight Black, and the newer addition, Morning Waves. 

  1. Functionality

Suri is definitely no “beauty without brains.” Suri is a sonic electric toothbrush. This means that it focuses on delivering its vibrating motions at a very high speed in order to clear plaques and promote oral health.

The bristles of a Suri toothbrush move at a speed of 33,000 vibrations per minute to effectively brush your teeth while at a super-quiet level of 54 decibels. In addition, there are 2 cleaning modes; the gentle everyday clean and a relatively more intense polish mode. To mimic recommended brushing times, there is a two-minute timer set to guide your brushing.

Other admirable inclusions in the functioning brush include a variety of identifying LED lights, a charging stand, a wall mount, and a charging case with a UV-C light to sanitize the bristles of the brush.

  1. Durability

Suri’s battery boasts of a 40+ days battery life which has been testified by multiple users of the product. The battery can be fully charged between 3-4 hours. Every part of the handle is waterproof and all parts have been made to be repairable by designated service centres with a one-year warranty. To top it all off, Suri offers a 100-day money-back guarantee. 

Are There Drawbacks to Suri?

Suri might just be the number one electric toothbrush in terms of environment pledges. Backing this up with its design, functionality, and durability makes it a toothbrush worth buying. However, there are a few things that may discourage a buyer;

  1. It is relatively more expensive compared to other similar toothbrushes.
  2. Its smooth finish means there are no raised or textured grips to assist with dexterity.
  3. There are no pressure sensors available on the toothbrush.
  4. The one-year warranty is relatively low

Comparing Suri to Popular Alternatives

When it comes to functionality, Suri faces competition from electric toothbrushes such as the Oral-B Smart 1500, the Philips Sonicare ProtectiveClean 6100, and the Oral-B Pro 3 3500. Suri is considerably putting up a good fight being the first version of the brand, the added features and accessories provide an equally satisfactory user experience.

Furthermore, Suri is ahead by a wide gap when it comes to being eco-friendly. The practices and implementations to achieve a carbon-neutral system are far ahead of its competitors.

How Do You Get a Suri Toothbrush

Suri is globally available. It is selling fast on e-commerce sites and readily available for order.Suri also offer free shipping to their UK and US customers.

In Summary

Suri toothbrushes claim a top place in sustainability. The product is B corp certified and offers a free recycling scheme for users whenever they want to dispose of their brush heads. What’s more satisfying is that in addition to having a sustainable practice, it offers so many appealing features and functions that deliver a complete package and make it worth its price tag. Using the toothbrush can be one of your services to humanity, in the words of the brand campaign, it could be “the last toothbrush you’ll ever need.”

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