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Streaming a Movie

If you have ever been affected by not knowing which streaming service has a particular movie, or just feel overwhelmed by the number of streaming services you are subscribed to, you may be clamouring for a united front where all online available movies can be accessed. There are platforms like this and Stremio is one of them.

Streaming a Movie

This review will look at Stremio, point out what it truly offers, its strengths and weaknesses, as well as mention a few other platforms known for this service.

What is Stremio?

Stremio Homepage

Stremio is a media streaming centre application available for PCs, smartphones, or tablets either through the app available on both the App Store (Stremio IOS) and Google Play or as Stremio web. It allows you to stream movies, series, live TV shows, YouTube videos, and so much more, without any extra cost.

In this review we will be looking at 4 sections; Services offered, Stremio addons, Extra features, and drawbacks. In the end, you will have all that you need to decide if this is the platform for you or not.

Services Offered by Stremio

Not to compare Stremio with other similar platforms but its working structure is very similar to that of Kodi, a well-known streaming service. The service is pretty simple; search, see available locations, and watch.

  1. Search: On Stremio, you can check for available movies under the “discovery” section. Once there, you can scroll through. There is usually a good number of interesting things to view, but they are quite limited without addons.
  2. See available locations: Stremio does well to showcase all locations where the video can be streamed. It comes in a good display that is very user-friendly, showing which content is free to watch or requires specific subscriptions.
  3. Watch: You can immediately enjoy your video once you find a worthy viewing location, all easy on one platform.

Stremio is gaining popularity among the competition due to its user-friendly system.

In addition to giving you access to videos of search, Stremio receives information about contents that interest you and provides suggestions of things you would like to watch. This is a great touch, considering other media centre applications hardly make an effort.

Stremio Addons

The content on Stremio would be sparse without addons. Addons are the ways that media centre applications connect you to content available on other streaming services. Put it this way; the more the addons, the more the access. Officially, Stremio began 2024 with just about 6 official addons, which is considerably small. However, these Stremio addons do well to provide some choices that satisfy a lot of their users.

Stremio Addons

Coming to the rescue are community-developed addons. These increase the options available on the platform. However, they come with some drawbacks that will be discussed later on.

Stremio Extra Features

Stremio involves streaming, and more. Here are a few added features that make it stand out and be more endearing.

  1. Save Storage Space

Unlike other media centre applications, Stremio Web doesn’t require you to download your content on your local storage. This saves space on your device and prevents the risk of installing malware on your computer from community addons. The movies can also be streamed directly through torrent files and magnetic links, further keeping everything web-based.

  1. Keep Track of Watch History

Though not a direct feature, Stremio content can be synced with Trakt, a web-based service that automatically keeps track of all titles you’ve watched. This can help you stay updated on where you stopped in a series and also follow up when new episodes are released.

  1. Stremio Calendar

A more direct feature of Stremio is the built-in calendar. Using the information about your movie interests in your library, the Stremio calendar keeps track of new episode releases. It also suggests similar titles available and upcoming releases similar to your favourite movies. The calendar also shows the date when your TV shows were held.

  1. Watch On Any Of Your Devices

You can watch your Stremio content on any of your devices provided you keep Stremio running on the main device. This setting can be achieved by simply enabling remote HTTPS connections from the supported devices in the settings section and using the URL provided on your intended device.

  1. Safety and Security

Stremio’s web structure supports cybersecurity fully. All things can be done on the website and there is no need to download anything. The official addons are all legal and supported. It’s worth noting that not all community addons are legitimate and you could risk being sanctioned by your Internet Service Provider (ISP).

Drawbacks to Using Stremio

Though providing quality service to the best of its ability, Stremio has received criticism over some of its structures. They include;

  1. Having to Use a VPN

A few people would say this isn’t a drawback but when you have to hide your activities it begins to look shady. Users use VPNs to hide their unlicensed streaming from their ISP. Depending on which table you’re on, this is considered illegal.

  1. Limited Addons

The limited number of official Stremio addons is probably the most frustrating drawback of the platform. When it really comes to it, there’s not so much content on the platform without the help of community addons.

  1. Limited Content

Similarly, the movies available to you are very limited without community addons.

So, Is Stremio the Right Choice?

Stremio application

Stremio cares about its users and has a user-friendly structure and easy-to-navigate webpage, however, the content available to you is very limited. This leads to some shady activities like using a VPN and hiding to be able to use community addons which may not be entirely legal. Compared to media centre applications like Kodi, it’s not just enough. However, if you just want something to watch and you want an easily accessible site to do so, Stremio is a very good choice.

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