How ESG Software Will Help Your Company Hit Eco Targets in 2024


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solar panel and windmill

We are in 2024 and businesses are seen beyond their net worth and how many products or services they deliver. Companies’ ecological contributions and Social impacts are put into question. The representative term is their ESG. 

solar panel and windmill

ESG stands for Environmental, Social, and Governance. It represents the non-financial initiatives that companies take for environmental sustainability. This includes reductions that are taken into effect and new implementations that have genuine social effects and could also develop into financial gains in the long term. This has now become a big deal in 2024 with the new European Union mandate that these activities be reported.

It now becomes a challenge to get your company to deliver these initiatives and have good things to report. However, this requires a good understanding of ESG and any extra hand one could get. ESG software were built to carry out different aspects of the sustainability initiative. 

Understanding the concept of ESG, the assistance these software could provide, and implementing a proper interaction of both could be the key to hitting whatever eco targets you may have for your company this year.

The Concept of ESG

ESG covers 3 aspects that companies (especially in a capitalist system) would hardly think of working on unless they are motivated. Being involved in all 3 improves the prestige of the company and makes it one worth investing in.

E stands for Environmental and it covers all areas involving the control and management of (natural) resources and emissions from the company. It involves best practices for controlling the release of waste, emissions, and pollution, along with a moderate control of the use of energy, water, and natural resources in high demand.

S stands for Social and it goes further into the company detailing the social interactions and structures put in place. This covers areas such as Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) present in the company’s structure, as well as its interaction and contributions to its immediate community.

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G stands for Governance. This refers to the leadership structure. It is concerned with the perspective of the senior executives and the policies they put in place to achieve a positive environmental impact. If they aren’t on board, things would likely not work out. The ESG structure is in line with some of the most effective strategies used in many top companies in the U.S. and globally.

Where Does an ESG Software Come in?

Data Analysis

ESG software help companies keep track of their ESG impact. This way they are fully in the nick of things going on in their non-financial aspects. To achieve your company’s eco target in 2024, you should consider infusing an ESG software into the system. Here are 4 important aspects that the software helps you cover;

  1. Data Collection and Reporting

With the increase in demand for ESG reports from governing bodies and intending investors, an ESG software is just what you need. They collect and analyse data regarding all environmental activities carried out in-house. They then go further to process the data according to regulations and set standards before finally giving real-time data as regards all (eco) progress amassed by the company.

  1. Sustainability Performance Management

With the real-time data available, ESG software can provide insights into the effect of new decisions and policies taken by senior executives to maintain the sustainability level intended by the company.

  1. Compliance and Risk Management

Along with showing progress, ESG software are embedded with all state environmental regulations. With this, they can ensure compliance and give necessary caution when things are deviating from the expectations.

  1. Stakeholder Engagement

Investors are more interested in facts and figures. Those concerned with ESG practices can easily be convinced by the report that can be drawn up by ESG software detailing how the company handles socio-environmental matters.

5 Top ESG Software in 2024

When unsure, it’s best to stick with critically acclaimed ESG software that have success stories rather than testing waters. Here are 5 of the best ESG software with that criteria;

1. Workiva

Workiva is a cloud-based company that is more of a data reporting platform. The system uniquely organises environmental data, making it easily accessible. The organisation also means that any type or group of data can be accessed and compiled into a detailed report in quick time.

2. Diligent

As a sustainability management solution, Diligent works with all the sustainability data of the company. A lot of the software’s processes are automated to achieve continuous real-time calculations of all things regarding the company’s ESG status. This allows it to also appropriately carry out its compliance and risk management function for the company at all times.

3. MSCI Inc.

This research-oriented corporation provides clients with tools for proper data collection and analysis to help with interactions between stakeholders and investments. They are grounded in the eco niche, reporting adequately on climate concerns and management of fossil fuels and greenhouse gases.

4. Sustainalytics

The 2023 Global Capital’s EU Securitization ESG Research Firm of The Year is endowed with products and tools to foster sustainability in your company. They aim to use their research, data, and rating to achieve a net-zero carbon projection along with other sustainability projects.

5. Novata

This last software was made for the private market. Novata uses technology to help the private market achieve sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). They develop strategies in private equity that help with data collection, reporting, and analysis. 

Selecting a goal-oriented ESG software in 2024 will assist your firm in hitting all ecological goals of 2024. This will in turn improve the reputation and importance of your company and could lead to some profitable investments in the long run.

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