Is Temu Safe To Buy From?


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Online shoppers keep their ears to the ground to discover new sales, platforms, or methods to help optimise their e-shopping experience. That’s probably why the Temu app gained Traction really fast. In the past few months, the popularity of Temu rose drastically, at some point attaining the number one spot for free downloads in the US on App Store and Google Play; a feat still maintained on Google Play.

However, cautious buyers out there have started to ask the right questions. People have become more concerned if it is safe to buy from Temu. The mouth-watering deals and discounts have begged the question; Is Temu Legit or a scam? Here’s all you need to know about it put into one piece.

What is Temu?

In basic terms, Temu is an e-commerce website. It’s similar in structure to typical e-stores like Amazon, SHEIN, and eBay. However, in its case, it’s an application. It’s a way to retail Chinese products directly from the source to the American buyers. Thus, making it more affordable.

On the application, products are sold at extremely low prices, and discounts and sales are fairly common. Most of the products are of less popular or unknown brands, though brands like Xiaomi and Lenovo are present and identified with a verified blue tick.

Is Temu App Legit?

To answer one of many questions; Yes, Temu is legit. However, let’s explain our specifications for “legit” in this case. 

Temu is one of the subsidiaries of Pinduoduo Inc. which is also the parent site to Chinese online retail giants, Pinduoduo. This is both a good and a bad thing. It’s good because you can tie Temu to an organisation that is known and established. However, its Chinese counterpart has since been removed from Google for almost a year now for the detection of malware. Could this be a sign of things to come?

Why is Temu Doing Pretty Well?

Aside from the obvious (The extremely low prices), there is another reason why you have probably heard about Temu. This is due to the affiliate-esque approach the company used to promote itself. Temu offered credits to people who promoted the app and were able to get new people to sign up on the app. With enough credits, you can buy some products without paying a dime!

This campaign turned out to be a success by not only getting the word out but tremendously increasing the downloads of the app. Presently, Temu has received over 200 million downloads, which is a 150% increase from its values at the beginning of 2023. This begs the question, why will anyone have doubts about the platform?

What Are the Doubts Regarding Temu?

With so many goodies, you will be surprised to know that many people still think Temu is a scam, and for good reason.

The first reason is due to the way Temu influenced their popularity. The social media hype of Temu is hardly considered organic as the individuals promoting the platform have something to gain from people’s patronage (i.e. The extra credits). This creates more suspicion because you never can tell if the PR isn’t forced.

Furthermore, as a “legit” platform, Temu has delivered to many people all over the world. This means that they actually do what they are supposed to do. That’s where the next hitch comes in, Temu is currently not BBB accredited and it hasn’t surpassed an above-average rating since its inception on BBB. This is due to multiple complaints from users about late deliveries and products not looking as promised. However, this is nothing out of the ordinary compared to what other e-commerce sites also face.

Another controversy that will make you question the safety of using Temu is the fear of data risks. This has been reported by CNBC and is primarily backed by its origin from a company already associated with malware accusations. The report goes further to state that Temu doesn’t have the same approach, and doesn’t request as much personal information as its sister company, Pinduoduo.

So, Should You Buy From Temu?

You may be tempted by the sweet deals and prices on Temu that make you want to believe that Temu is legit, or you may be wary of the different controversies that insinuate that Temu is a scam. This conflict begs the question of if they are worth patronizing.

With such offers, one could regret not trying it out. However, it’s best to stick with not-so-expensive items and not include so much personal info while at it, that is, if you will be trying them out. One thing to remember is that some people have gotten their money’s worth and some other people haven’t.

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